Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life is Supposed to be fun WALLPAPER!!!

Click to download the image
Here is another wallpaper for you guys! Hope you'll like this one! Download and enjoy!

Life is supposed to be fun!
~ Abraham Hicks

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Wallpaper!!!

Hey people this is the first wallpaper that I am publishing on this blog so that you can download it and tell about it to your friends and family! Much more will be coming in future! Click on the image to download it.

And please give your views on how is the wallpaper!! :)

Thanx for downloading!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's Make Life Positive!

Hey people! I am here again with another post after a very loooong time! I was busy with my school, exams and my official blog Manav and the World! But anyways I am here with this post on how to make your life.

I am writing this post because in my school we have a teacher who teaches us Hindi, and he has a very strong negative outlook towards life, government, fellow teachers and also towards the students to who he teaches. This was urging me to write this post but because of all the things I listed earlier I didn't get time. So now when I have time let's talk a bit about it.

Not an Optimistic Outlook towards Life
As I said about my teacher, there are many people similar to him (and you may be too!). They say the life's not the way they want it and a number of other things like: Why I get diseases? or Why is not talking to me? or Why are all the people (or parents, friends etc) are against me? These are the things they ask themselves. But the thing is the answers also lie within them. They have so much of negative thoughts in their heads going on that they're unable to get the answers!

The thing is it all started with one and only one negative thought that came to the person's mind and it developed so much that it ended up changing the character of the person itself. This is the power of thoughts that you have in your mind. This is the Law of Attraction at work.

So how to change it? The very simple but enormously powerful thing is to have completely positive thoughts. This is the most easiest way to change your outlook towards life.

The other thing you can do is to have positive affirmations. Like:
  1. I am so happy and peaceful!
  2. I am so cool and positive!
  3. I like my life and wanna make it king size!
Say these or others that you may think of many times a day, and feel that happy feeling!

Thanx for reading!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Newspapers: Friend or Foe?

Newspapers are the things without which an adult can't live (it's adult not teenagers, you understand right?!). And they print a number of things in them. Regardless of what they are! Now let's see if they are optimistic or not...

If you want to be informed, be, but don't feel.
~Manav Dhiman
And you know what? You get influenced by them, whether positively or negatively! Newspapers have their own opinions on every possible news, and today's newspapers are just useless (except some of them).

In newspapers there are a number of pages. Let's tackle them one by one and see there influence on you (positive or negative).

Front Page
This is the first page you see when you get your newspaper on your doorstep. This page contains a small "summary" of what's inside and some small news. You don't have to be afraid of them as they are neutral. They don't affect your life very much as other pages. So read the front page. But be aware of some negative news.

Page 2
This page usually, not always, contain some bad news. And most of the newspapers have some "Memory" thing in this page (as well as in the third one) so one should really avoid this.

Page 3
Usually the "Bollywood gossip" page in most of the Hindi and some English newspapers. This page is extremely harmful. Because this page contains many negative things about the celebrities. And this is the most significant reason why people usually relate their stories to that of the celebrities. So you should be BEWARE of this page.

The Middle Pages
These pages may also harm your mental thoughts. This is why you should not read it. But if you still wanna read it, then just read, give it a thought and forget about it! This is your job.

The Interactive Page
This page, as everyone knows, contains some fun games and puzzles. So solve them as much as you like, because it will improve your mind's flexibility!

These are just some suggestions. If you wanna read those pages or the whole newspaper, go ahead! But read what you want, give it a thought and just forget about it!

Bye till next post!

Happy optimism!!!